Founded in late 2016, Tidewater Equity Partners is a North Carolina investment firm focusing on small company direct investment as well as healthcare venture capital. We leverage our network of investment professionals, company operators and industry experts to identify, research, structure and manage high quality investment opportunities.

Tidewater provides unique access to small company private equity and venture capital investments for high net worth individuals, family offices, and small institutional investors. Our investment platform allows investors the flexibility to invest on a deal-by-deal basis without any upfront commitment of long-term obligation.

Small Company Direct Investment

Tidewater looks for buyout, controlling interest, and recapitalization opportunities in small companies across multiple industries in North Carolina and the Southeast. Our firm takes a "hands on" approach and prefers to invest via equity; however, debt placements will be considered as appropriate.  » More about Our Private Equity Investing.


Venture Capital

Tidewater works closely with Rex Health Ventures and other leading healthcare organizations to leverage significant expertise in evaluating early stage healthcare-related investment opportunities. We prefer to invest in venture capital deals via preferred equity, but will consider convertible debt placements as appropriate.  » More about Our Venture Capital Investing.